Keri Russell is the coolest celebrity ever.

Jan 14, 2008

So.. Ben (my banjo player), Grant (my guitar player), and I all got to  meet Keri Russell the other night. We were playing at the same corporate  party she was at. Ok, and I’ve always been obsessed with her because  she rocks the curly hair, and was AMAZING in The Waitress and Felicity.  When we met her, she was SO incredibly cool. We all went up to meet her,  and she was like “HEY!! What’s up?”. She was really genuine, and funny.  So before we went on the trip,  Ben’s wife had asked him jokingly if he  would ask Keri how she does her hair, not thinking he’d actually get  the chance to ask her. But sure enough, we’re talking to her and Ben  told her about his wife’s question. This is why she’s awesome: She gets  out a piece of paper, and writes down EXACTLY what products she uses,  what blow dryers she uses, and exactly what she does to make her hair  straight or curly. It seems simple, but she had so many people who  wanted to talk to her, and still she took the time to do that for Ben. I  just think it’s so awesome when cool people don’t know they’re cool.  Love her!

We played a show in Nashville a few days ago, and it  was so much fun to play again. I was literally jumping around the whole  day like “Come on… I want to PLAY.” And the show finally came, and it  was awesome. After the show, I signed for four hours, and got to meet so  many amazing people.  It blows me away that everybody stands in line so  long. It makes me so happy, you have no idea.

Hey, got some  amazing news this morning. Our Song is number 1 again for the SIXTH  WEEK!!! I can’t BELIEVE this. I never dreamed this song would go all the  way to the top of the charts. Can’t believe I get to have my first  number one party!!!

We’re getting ready to shoot the video for the next single… And it may involve burning pictures.

Well, I’m off the pack. I’m flying out to LA in a few hours.  I’m   playing on Leno and Ellen this week so watch TV!! I’ll be seeing you   guys at shows on the west coast this week.

And by the way, we’ll be seeing everyone this year on tour..

Because we’ll be out on tour with RASCAL FLATTS!! 😀