Pranks and 8 weeks at 1

Sep 12, 2007

Hey! Sorry it’s been so
long since I’ve written a blog, but we just got back from Canada on the Brad
Paisley tour. It was AWESOME, but I had no internet service. The video for “Our
Song” is going to start playing on CMT and GAC in the next two weeks, and I
can’t wait for you to see it. I’m going to try and post some new pictures up
here as soon as I can. I’m soo excited to say that the album is now in it’s 8th
week at 1 on the Billboard charts. Thank you!

It was really cool being in
Canada.. I’d never really spent much time up there, so it was nice to see it.
Today we’re in Portland, Maine and we’re about to open up for Brad again
tonight. Rodney Atkins is on the tour with us now, since Jack Ingram and Kellie
Pickler left the tour. There were some HILARIOUS pranks by Brad on their last

My favorite one was when
Brad surrounded Jack Ingram with like forty people and pointed to this huge
cage and said “Get in.. the easy way or the hard way”. So they wheel Jack out
onstage while he’s INSIDE this huge cage, and they stuck a microphone though
the bars so he could sing. It was awesome. Then during Kellie’s set, they tied
up her tour manager to a chair and wheeled him out onstage. I’m hearing that
since I leave the tour in November, I’ve got it coming too. Oh well.. We’ll see
when we get there. You guys will be the first to know.

Thank you for reading this,
I love ya so much!