Rep Room | Seattle, WA | May 22, 2018Paul & Joe…

Rep Room | Seattle, WA | May 22, 2018

Paul & Joe Sister ‘Coconut Kitty Shirt’ – $145.00 $101.50 (on sale)

Have you ever seen a more Taylor Swiftian shirt than one decorated with beautiful florals and also a kitten? The answer is no. 

A few notes as well. 

1. The show last night was magnificent. Taylor was wonderful and full incoherent ramblings to come later at @taylorswiftstylequestions

2. Holy Ground

3. Thank you so much to all the beautiful and wonderful and kind TSS-ers who came up to me during the show! You were all so sweet and it was so heartwarming to get to talk about the fashion (and the Taylor) that we love in person. 

Purrrrr-fect similars below: