Direct TV ad | May 3, 2018Marc Jacobs ‘Rainbow Cotton Blend…

Direct TV ad | May 3, 2018

Marc Jacobs ‘Rainbow Cotton Blend Sweater’ – sold out

To complement her sequined shorts, Taylor wore an equally colourful rainbow sweater by Marc Jacobs. 

Worn with: Ashish shorts

Her exact is sadly sold out, but you can shop these similars below for less:

Direct TV ad | May 3, 2018Ashish ‘Sequin Shorts w/ Rainbow…

Direct TV ad | May 3, 2018

Ashish ‘Sequin Shorts w/ Rainbow Stripe’ – $1,109.00 (sold out)

Seeing as I included many sequined rainbow Ashish items in my latest Reputation Tour Predictions series, of course I was pleased to see Taylor wear something very much in that wheelhouse for her latest adorable ad with Direct TV. 

Worn with: Marc Jacobs sweater

Get the look with these similar rainbow shorts: 

Reputation Stadium Tour Day 9 | April 29, 20186397 ‘Hi Tee’ -…

Reputation Stadium Tour Day 9 | April 29, 2018

6397 ‘Hi Tee’ – $125.00 (out of stock) 

Loving this cute, retro-inspired text tee that Taylor wore on her Instagram Stories the other day as her continued tour countdown. 

Get the look with these similar, cute text tees: 

Reputation Stadium Tour Day 9 | April 29, 2018Solid &…

Reputation Stadium Tour Day 9 | April 29, 2018

Solid & Striped ‘Elle Stripe Rib Bikini Top’ – $88.00

Taylor’s Day 9 tour clue was actually a closer look into a day off from rehearsals via a pool party with the tour’s dancers. Taylor opted for a super cute striped bikini top from Solid & Striped. If there was a colour that played second fiddle to my love of Taylor in green, it’s blondes in yellow. 

Get the look:

Repu-hearsals (x) | February 12, 2018Brandy Melville ‘Veena…

Repu-hearsals (x) | February 12, 2018

Brandy Melville ‘Veena Sweater’ – $45.00 (no longer available)

Taylor posted a cute selfie on Instagram today from reputation Tour rehearsals. The first night of the tour is set to kick off in less than three months. 

This particular arm striped sweater may be familiar to many of you. Taylor was a big fan of this brand back in 2015 and wore many of their extremely affordable pieces. Including this very sweater in green and black.

Get the look:

“End Game” music video | January 12, 2018Miu Miu ‘Flower Print…

“End Game” music video | January 12, 2018

Miu Miu ‘Flower Print Embellished Stretch Denim Jacket’ – $3,619.00

I’m so grateful for these latest behind-the-scenes clips from Taylor’s “End Game” music video because it gave us some views to outfits we didn’t get a good enough look at it during the final cut! Including this colourful floral jacket by Miu Miu — complete with allover embellishments. 

Check out everything from the “End Game” music video here.

Get the look: 

Performing on Le Grand Journal | Paris, France | January 28,…

Performing on Le Grand Journal | Paris, France | January 28, 2013

Giorgio Armani ‘Patent Leather Lace-Up Oxfords’ – €469.27

Fun Fact: I have had this sitting as a draft for over five years — purely because I never found a good enough side shot from this performance that best showed off her Armani oxfords she’s wearing here. 

Flashback February seemed a good a time as any to finally bring it into the light — what a cute performance outfit! 

Worn with: Cut25 blouse and A.L.C. pants

Get the look: