With Joe Alwyn | Turks and Caicos | July 4, 2018Solid &…

With Joe Alwyn | Turks and Caicos | July 4, 2018

Solid & Striped ‘The Jamie Top in American Rib’ – $88.00
Solid & Striped ‘The Jamie Bottom in American Rib’ – $61.56

Photos have surfaced of Taylor and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn enjoying some snorkel time together in the water. I do not have much information in regards to location, but her striped bikini from Solid & Striped sure is cute! 

You may recognize this brand from my reblog a few days ago when she wore an equally patriotic one piece of theirs to her 2016 Fourth of July party

As an aside, it’s pretty cute to see Taylor going back to high waisted silhouettes. This kind of bikini was her go-to back in her RED days! 

Get the look: